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LA Ale Works’ Kip Barnes Debuts Beer Game

May 24
Kip Barnes, via Facebook

Kip Barnes, via Facebook

Kristofor “Kip” Barnes, co-owner of Los Angeles Ale Works, has taken his love for beer beyond just brewing it. In addition to his day job, Barnes runs a beer-centric website in LA called Bierkast. And starting today, he can add mobile beer game director to his résumé with the debut of Ziggy the Beer Yeast.

Available on both Android and iOS platforms for 99 cents, this arcade-style game tasks you with dragging Ziggy to eat sugars and avoid bacteria while fermenting a beer. The game was developed in partnership with his wife’s three-person indie game development company, Tip-Tok.

“I’ve been an avid gamer since my early childhood – board games, video games, you name it,” explained Barnes, who recorded the game’s voices himself. “I had the idea for Ziggy the Beer Yeast when I was homebrewing one day and my wife was testing one of her apps out.”

DSC_0271-002The game is geared to all levels of beer drinkers: “For people that know beer they’ll get a lot of the jokes and knowledge tidbits. For others, they’ll learn something new; it’s designed to be casual while teaching some basic beer ideas at the same time.”

Barnes’ drive to create Ziggy stemmed from the fact that there aren’t many beer-themed games out there. “That may be because it’s a niche market,” he pondered. “But with the success of Untappd, TapHunter, and craft beer in general, it seemed like a challenge we wanted to tackle.”

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