The Full Pint’s 6th Anniversary Party @ 38 Degrees

Aug 12

Danny and Johnny Fullpint @ 38 Degrees

View all the pictures from Saturday’s event over on our Facebook page.

About The Full Pint: 

Located in Southern California, The Full Pint is able to taste and enjoy some of the most unique brews on the planet. Our quest to bring you the best of beer is not limited to California, but wherever there is beer to drink. Read on about how we got started, as well as an introduction to the members of the team.

Founders Jon and Dan are guys who enjoy beer, and don’t like to go to work everyday for the man. Both working in the IT field, Dan and Jon had this nightmare of answering questions, and fixing broken computers for the rest of their lives, so thinking up a way out of the rat race was a constant conversation. We decided to take our love of good beer, and put it online for people to enjoy with the goal of having content so good, advertisers would be enticed to share some space with us. In executing this plan, we found out we were here to serve a new set of customers, ones not asking computer questions, but ones who make CRAFT BEER.

Our Mission is here to provide you with craft beer news, and to provide all the craft brewers in the world with a place to share their news and product info. In this information age, we find it hard to believe people are going to pay money for yesterdays news, when they can get it today, for free on the Internet.

Our list of breweries continually grows, and the list of beers reviewed seems to never end. Stop by many times a day, for the latest craft beer news, reviews, and upcoming event information.

The Full Pint Team

This site wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and inspiration from these passionate craft beer lovers, who give their unique perspective. Click on their names to go to their archive of work.

Dan aka Danny Fullpint – Co-Founder/Chief Beer Drinker Dan is a student of the craft beer game.  Dan provides tasting notes, a semi-regularly updated opinion blog and  first hand craft beer industry news.  Blood brothers with Jonny.

Jon aka Jonny Fullpint – Co-Founder/Chief Beer Drinker Jon is the smoother side of The Full Pint.  If you think this site looks good, thats because of Jonny’s eye for style, photography and the magic touch of web development.  While not a hop head like Dan, you could warm up to him quickly by getting him a glass of Speedway Stout or Old Numbskull.

Arne Frantzell – The guy who makes those Tomme cartoons.  Arne Frantzell was publishing his craft beer lampooning Trouble Brewing series over at The Hop Press.  I asked him if he’d be interested in working with us partially, and from there we decided The Full Pint is a place Trouble Brewing can call home.

Frances Lopez aka Franny Fullpint – Through some local events here in Southern California, we met this young Hollywood Rockstar named Frances.  Frances isn’t limited to beer, food and wine events in Los Angeles, she might pop up anywhere to weigh in on her experience at an event.

Alumni – A list of former and sporadic writers who will forever be part of The Full Pint family.

Do you think you have what it takes to write for Fill out our contact form, and let us know.

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2 Responses to “The Full Pint’s 6th Anniversary Party @ 38 Degrees”

  1. Josette upptäck det nya manchester united fotbollströja(med hemma tröja,
    borta tröja och tredje tröja)handla fotbollströjor barn, manliga, dam fotboll kläder och
    mer fotbollströja barn. Leila

  2. Mektige greier de skyene, flyet ble lite i folhJrd!oa været forandrer seg fort her på Karmøy, og skyene fyker fort avgårde. Det gjelder å værer der.

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